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Site policies note

By accessing and using the Vossloh Cogifer Website, the user of the portal (hereinafter referred to as 'the user') accepts the terms and conditions set out in the present note.

The Website is the exclusive property of Vossloh Cogifer, a Joint Stock Company with capital of €27,601,794 set up under and governed by French legislation, registered as a company in the Nanterre Register of Trades and Companies under the number 562 042 598, and whose head office is located 21 avenue de Colmar, 92500 Rueil-Malmaison, France, hereinafter referred to as "Vossloh Cogifer".

The design, architecture, and software, together with the content, such as, but without being limited thereto, texts, graphics, drawings, images, audio, processes, products, technologies, brochures, brands, logos, or expertise, together with all other elements forming part of the Website, are the exclusive property of Vossloh Cogifer, its subsidiaries, or its licensors.
All use, whether full or partial, copying, reproduction, publication, downloading, display, transmission or broadcasting of this Website in any form whatsoever, without the prior written authorization of Vossloh Cogifer, is prohibited and will be considered as an infringement of the provisions set out in the French Code of Intellectual Property.

The sole purpose of the content put on this Website by Vossloh Cogifer is to provide information of a general nature. All such information is provided as it stands, without any implicit or explicit guarantee of any sort.
Vossloh Cogifer has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the information shown on this Website is up-to-date at the time of its inclusion, but the Company declines all liability concerning any updating obligations, or any omissions, inaccuracies or typographical errors. The information contained in this portal can be modified, corrected and / or completed at any time, without notice.
Any specific use by the user of the materials and information contained in this portal is made under the user's sole responsibility. Neither Vossloh Cogifer nor any of its subsidiaries can be held liable to any users or third parties for any damage, whether direct, indirect, consequential, or particular, or for any losses, whatever their cause, nature or consequences, including, without any limitation whatsoever, all loss of profits, loss of programs or loss of any other type of data suffered by the user's information management system or by any other system.
Furthermore, Vossloh Cogifer does not guarantee in any way that access to the Website will remain uninterrupted, secure or free of any viruses or faults that could affect use of computerized systems.
No links can be established with the Vossloh Cogifer Website without the prior written approval of Vossloh Cogifer.
The user confirms that he or she possesses the competence and means necessary to use the site; that he or she has checked that the computerized configuration used is free from all viruses, and that it is in perfect working order, and lastly that he or she has read the site policies note and undertakes to comply with its terms and conditions.

Personal data may be gathered on the Website by Vossloh Cogifer in compliance with the French law n° 78-17 dated 6 January 1978 concerning information technology, computer files and personal rights, as modified. By becoming a registered user or filling in a questionnaire on our Website, the user confirms that he or she voluntarily forwards to Vossloh Cogifer personally identifiable data concerning him or her (such as his or her name, first name, address, telephone number or e-mail address) ('personal data'). Vossloh Cogifer is authorized, as a general rule, to use all such personal data to reply to a request made by the user or to enable the user to access information specific to his or her account.
In the same way, in order to enhance relations between Vossloh Cogifer and the user, Vossloh Cogifer can store and use personal data in order to reply to the user's requests.
In compliance with the law concerned, all users are entitled to access, check or modify, at any time, their personal data as gathered by Vossloh Cogifer. All such requests must be forwarded to the Webmaster of Vossloh Cogifer.

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The data collected via etracker technology will not be used to determine the personal identity of the website visitor or compiled with personal data pertaining to the user of the pseudonym unless agreed to separately by the person concerned. The collection and storage of data may be revoked at any time with respect to subsequent services.

This Website is governed by the laws of the French Republic and must be interpreted accordingly. Any disputes or claims concerning this Website will be brought before the French courts competent for the area in which Vossloh Cogifer's head office is located. French law applies to all persons logging on to this Website.