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Vossloh Cogifer Services: Turnout and signalling experts

Experts at the service of operators

Vossloh Cogifer Services provides you with all the know-how and skill of the Vossloh Group in the field of points and crossings and signalling equipment.

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Technical support and in-track expertise
Track checking services, diagnostics, regular or specific inspections, technical support for maintenance, upgrade or replacement of components.

In installation as well as in maintenance of points and crossings components or signalling equipment.

Vossloh Cogifer's training centre was opened in 2006, with the aim of supporting operators in the use, management and maintenance of the equipment and products that we distribute around the world.

As an accredited training centre, the training programmes are well run, and most of our customers take them, either at the centre or on site.

The training centre itself, part of the Technology Centre based in Reichshoffen, has the very latest infrastructure: classrooms and practical workshops for training, with prototypes for true-to-life situations.

Explore the programme and training offered on the Training page, and log into your personal area.

Specific in-track works
- When installing points and crossings (new or replacement):
Logistical support, technical help with installation and acceptance on site, checking points and crossings components and signalling systems, welding grooved rails.
- Throughout the service life of the points and crossings:
Weld overlays, replacement and adjustment of mechanisms, grinding at specific points on site, realigning switch blades, reconditioning parts in the workshop.

Logistique: Technical assistance during transportation
Vossloh Cogifer has sound command of the following:
- Loading
- Transport
- Unloading

Explore our innovative procedures, focussing on transport and the economic transportation of points and crossings developed by Vossloh Cogifer.

World-renowned expertise, coupled with tried-and-tested experience on many transport networks

Advantages recognized by the networks:

- sure continuity of operational service, through predictive and preventive maintenance schedules

- warning of operational malfunctions

- guaranteed operational reliability of the points and crossings

- planning, budgeting and control of maintenance costs

- improved monitoring of changes to performance of points and crossings over time

- benefit of the latest innovations, with adjustments made to equipment in operation

- provision of particular maintenance operations supervised by experts

- staff training in installation, operation, servicing and maintenance of our products

Every service is tailored to the specific needs of our customers. We listen to your particular requests, in order to adapt our services to suit you.

Contact Vossloh Cogifer technical support!
Rue Ettore Bugatti
67110 Reichshoffen
Phone: +33 (0)3 88 09 80 00
Fax: +33 (0)3 88 09 67 33

- Technical support and in-track expertise
- Training
- Specific in-track works
- Logistics: Technical assistance during transportation

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